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2022 Trends in Indian Fashion

2022 Trends in Indian Fashion

Indian fashion trends tend to travel abroad a few seasons after they land in the motherland. But when we look at what Indian American women's preferences, we have to look beyond just what's trending in India. No doubt Indian American women are inspired by Indian fashion trends, especially in the age of social media. However, the context of our lives essentially determines what type of garments are attractive to us, both visually and functionally.

Firstly, and most obviously, we are influenced by Western trends and beliefs, given that we live in a Western country. Knowingly or unknowingly, these influences seep into our fashion preferences. American ideas on body image and what is the 'ideal and sought after' figure differ from Indian perceptions. Indian American women are engulfed by messaging about hourglass figures and flat tummies, we'll think twice (read: a hundred times) before leaving our dupattas at home.

We also have a significantly fewer amount of events to attend than our Indian counterparts. So when we do have an event, it can go either of two ways - we completely glam out or the unfamiliarity of it scares us into underdressing. I don't think we've nailed it quite yet. We don't attend enough Indian events to know what our personal style is and to know what we're comfortable with. So we're often left frustrated, uninspired or just not very happy with how we're dressed. Let's change that.

Here are some of our picks for 2022 trends in Indian fashion to give you ladies some inspiration:


 1. Movement

Adding volume to skirts or ruffles and tassels to a blouse or saree creates movement. Often, these pieces are light and easy to move in. But even if they're not, the movement makes it look like you're floating.

2. Belting

Belting a lehenga or saree accentuates the waist and gives shape to an outfit. It also helps to to keep your dupatta or pallu in place, so they're not flying around when you move. It also adds a contemporary touch to an outfit. One belt - so many benefits.

3. Patterns galore

Don't be mistaken. We look a good paisley or bandhani. But we're also making way for untraditional patterns. Contemporary geometric, abstract and textured patterns paired with traditional silhouettes make for very interesting looks.

4. Bye bye dupatta (sometimes)

"Sets" are in. It doesn't seem that the fashion community has reached a consensus on what that term actually means, but sometimes a set is referred to as a matching top and bottom. It's like a lehenga choli, without the dupatta. Designers are getting creative with the silhouettes of sets - it's the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary, without the fuss of a dupatta.

5. Bringing it to the streets

It's time that Indian culture influences our streetwear, not just our formalwear. This trend comes at a time when we are beginning to see more representation for Indian American women in various spheres of the Western world - entertainment, media, politics, and more. We're embracing our culture in a different way than we ever have before. Whether it's wearing a paisley patterned blouse to the office or chikankari skirt to brunch, it's about using fashion to show our pride on a more casual, day to day basic.

Let us know if you try any of these trends out by tagging @rentindus in your photos! 

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